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About ROEV


ROEV is an Electric Vehicle (EV) industry trade association created to increase the appeal of EVs by enabling charging network interoperability across North America. This neutral collaboration of industry stakeholders, founded by BMW, CarCharging/Blink, ChargePoint, EVgo and Nissan, is currently the only association in North America focused on adopting and promoting universal industry standards to provide drivers with accessible and convenient EV charging across multiple charging stations and charging networks.

One of the critical elements of a plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) is the charging infrastructure. It is a source of confusion for customers and a substantial requirement for enabling the widespread deployment of PEVs. Through ROEV, five members of the EV industry—two major auto manufacturers and three of the largest EV charging station/network providers—founded ROEV to achieve the convenience of EV charging network interoperability. In total, the founding EV charging networks account for 91% of the 19,000+ of public, networked EV charging stations across the continent.

Today, drivers sign up for accounts with multiple EV charging networks to easily charge at multiple public stations. ROEV will make it possible for drivers to use any participating new or existing EV charging network account to access stations across multiple charging networks, thus simplifying the charging and driving experience—ultimately making it easier to make the switch to electric.

In order to drive adoption of EVs by improving the charging experience across North America, companies working within the EV industry are encouraged to join ROEV. ROEV membership is available to EV automakers, EV charging networks, EV charging station manufacturers, other EV charging technology companies and electric utilities.

EV charging network interoperability enabled by ROEV will quickly become a standard expected by current and future EV drivers and station hosts alike across North America.

Latest Press Releases

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