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Board & Officers

Board Members

Chair, Treasurer

Kevin Doyle

Director, Product Management, ChargePoint

Kevin Doyle joined ChargePoint in 2012, where he has taken the lead on several interoperability initiatives, including roaming integrations with third party networks, bringing stations manufactured by partner companies onto ChargePoint, implementation of open standards for energy management, and adoption of both cloud and station based protocols, which enhance the communication with the vehicle and the infrastructure.  As a technology pioneer for EV charging, ChargePoint offers solutions for drivers to charge their electric vehicles at home, work, fleet, around town, and on the highway.  Kevin manages a global portfolio of products, which allow ChargePoint to integrate its charging solutions into the larger transportation electrification ecosystem.

Prior to joining ChargePoint, Kevin worked in the building automation and pharmaceutical laboratory automation industries, where he developed solutions for scientists and engineers to optimize their operations, reduce energy usage, and bring mission critical data in complex environments to key stakeholders in an understandable way.  Kevin holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Brain & Cognitive Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Daniel Mailloux

Executive Vice-President, AddÉnergie Technologies Inc.
Daniel Mailloux plays a key role in the company, thanks to his extensive knowledge and experience. As an engineer, he has over thirty years of expertise in the fields of telecommunications, energy and product development. With AddÉnergie’s exponential growth, Daniel oversees several projects, particularly in production and Research and development management.

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