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What is ROEV?

ROEV is an electric vehicle (EV) industry trade association created to increase EV adoption by enabling network interoperability in the U.S.

What companies are currently involved in ROEV?

ROEV consists of its founding members: BMW, CarCharging/Blink, ChargePoint, EVgo and Nissan, as well as others. For a complete list of members, please visit the Member page.

How will ROEV enable network interoperability?

ROEV intends to adopt and promote universal industry standards to provide drivers with the ability to access and pay for charging sessions on public EV charging stations across participating EV charging networks, using any participating charging network’s account.

What EV charging networks are participating in ROEV?

Currently, Blink, ChargePoint, and EVgo networks are participating in ROEV.

Who can join ROEV?

ROEV membership is available to all EV automakers, EV charging station manufacturers, EV charging networks, other EV charging technology companies, and electric utilities in the U.S.

How does ROEV differ from EZ Charge?

A driver using an EZ Charge card must create an account with each participating network. With ROEV, drivers who have an existing network account, or create a network account with any participating charging network, will be able to use that account to conveniently access any public charging station affiliated with all participating charging networks.

Are all EV charging stations on all participating networks ROEV enabled?

Public stations on participating networks are ROEV enabled. If a station is restricted to a group of drivers, it will not be part of ROEV.

Is a driver’s personal information shared between networks?

No – personal information will be protected when drivers use stations outside of their network account.

Will ROEV issue its own access cards?

No – participating network accounts will continue to issue their own accounts.

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