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How Public EV Charging Works

ROEV will provide accessible and convenient Electric Vehicle (EV) public charging by enabling drivers to charge across multiple charging stations and networks, using any participating EV charging network account.

Today, to access public charging stations on various networks, drivers:

  • Sign up with multiple EV charging networks
  • Carry numerous EV charging network access cards
  • Use a variety of network mobile apps

With the assistance of ROEV in the future, to access charging stations on various networks, drivers will:

  • Sign up for a new, or use an existing, participating EV charging network account
  • Access public chargers across participating networks using any participating charging network’s access card or mobile app

How it works:

  • EV automakers, charging networks, charging manufacturers, charging technology companies, and electric utilities are collaborating to provide charging network interoperability, to make public charging more accessible and convenient.
  • ROEV adopts and promotes standards to provide drivers with easy access to all participating charging networks and public charging stations.
  • ROEV will ensure that different networks can communicate with one another and share charging requests and details, for an easy and convenient consumer charging experience.
  • Participating EV charging networks will share charging station and session data with one another while keeping personal information private.
  • EV drivers can enjoy greater “range confidence,” or the confidence to take longer EV road trips more often, due to a more convenient public charging experience.

ROEV will enable EV drivers to use a participating charging network account at multiple public charging stations and networks, thereby simplifying public charging to facilitate longer distance EV travel and, thus, making it easier for drivers to make the switch to electric cars.

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