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Membership Benefits

Member Benefits

Benefits Founding/Board Member Member Associate
Eligible for Seat on Board of Directors  ✔

Approve Final Deliverables    
Approve Plans, Programs, Budget    
Initiate and Chair Committees    
Initiate and Chair Work Groups ✔   
Participation and Vote in Committees  
Participate and Vote in Work Groups  
Access Draft Deliverables  
Eligible to Submit Products for Certification and Utilize Mark Upon Certification  
Access Final Deliverables
Participation in Press Articles and Interviews ✔ 
Use of Alliance Logo
Access to Members Only Website
Participation in General or Annual Meetings ✔ 
Receive Member Communications and Use Alliance Logo
Membership Fee $30,000 $20,000 $5,000

Latest Press Releases

With the ROEV Association, Electric Vehicle charging becomes more accessible

Founded by key players in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry, ROEV intends to advance EV adoption through public charging network interoperability ROEV gives drivers access to charging stations across multiple networks, using their account of choice 91% of public networked EV charging po... Read More ›